CANSIMCanadian Socio-Economic Information Management System (statistics Canada)
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Population was obtained from CANSIM table 282-0002 and consumer price index from CANSIM Table 326-0021.
En novembre 2008, le salaire horaire moyen des employes temporaires etait de 17,36 $ comparativement a 22,41 $ pour les employes a temps plein (Statistique Canada, CANSIM tableaux 282-0069 et 282-0073.
Source : Statistique Canada, CANSIM, tableau 177-0006.
The price index is based on the price data of 1963 to 1984 and extended to the following years by using industry raw materials price index from Statistics Canada, CANSIM, Table 330-0006 and catalogue no.
Abroad", CANSIM table 376-0051, online: Canadian Direct Investment
See Statistics Canada, CANSIM Table 376-0051, online: Statistics Canada <http:// cansim2.
Estimates of Population, by Age Group and Sex, Canada, Provinces and Territories, CANSIM table 510001" [accessed on September 14, 2004].
The time series (1961-1995) annual data on all the variables required for the estimation of cost functions for 12 two-digit manufacturing industries are taken from Statistics Canada, CANSIM.
0% * millions of Canadian dollars Source: 1966 Population, Statistics Canada, CANSIM Matrix 60 1999 Population, Statistics Canada, The Daily, September 26, 2000 CANSIM matrix databank no.
Adjustment of transfers per capita to constant dollars (2003) was calculated by the author using CANSIM 1 Series PI 00000 and CANSIMII Series V735319.
Statistics Canada 2000 "Population" CANSIM, Matrices 6367-6378 and 6408-6409.
is from Citibase, code PWF, and for Canada from CANSIM, code D614001.