CANSIMCanadian Socio-Economic Information Management System (statistics Canada)
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The hours worked data for Canada are a special tabulation, consistent with CANSIM table 383-0009.
7 * These figures are CSLS estimates constructed using data from two different Statistics Canada series (Fixed Capital Flows and Stocks, CANSIM Table 031-0003, and Canadian Productivity Accounts, CANSIM Table 383-0025).
Using information on business sector capital stocks in CANSIM Table 310003, calculated estimates for the beginning of year capital stock for the business sector for the 14 types of reproducible capital assets ([Q.
2) MFP growth estimates and related variables for the business sector can be obtained from CANSIM Table 383-0021.
It would be useful if Statistics Canada published estimates on all 28 assets in a CANSIM Table, at least for the entire business sector.
section]) Table was terminated and replaced by CANSIM Table 282-0135 on January 28, 2015.
Breastfeeding Practices by Province and Territory (Percent), 2008-2011, CANSIM Table 105-0501 and Catalogue no.
Data from the autopsy reports, OCME reports and CANSIM were entered into a statistical database (JMP 10.