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CANSOCivil Air Navigation Services Organisation
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Tri Sunoko explained that the activities undertaken by CANSO included forming a work group and sharing information.
1140) Canso [Now We Come to Our Winter Phase] Now we come to our winter phase When the mud, the ice and snow And cock song dies of age (Not one wakes up to crow): The bush and branch are dry cups-- Leaves and blooms all fall down, The nightingale makes no sound Nor May song that once did wake him up.
Such rocks do not occur in adjacent Ganderia or Avalonia in Cape Breton Island or southern New Brunswick, further demonstrating the regional significance of the Canso Fault in tectonic reconstructions.
The encyclopedia, like the canso, begins at dawn, on the first day of May.
Graham Lake, Director General, CANSO, Aon Al Garni, Director General ATM/ANS, General Authority of Civil Aviation -- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Vinod K.
At the conclusion of the Annual Conference, we travelled the old Loyalist routes to Nova Scotia stopping at such well-known places as Digby, Annapolis Royal, Shelbourne, Lunenburg, Halifax, Guysborough, Canso, Fort Louisbourg, Amherst and Truro.
CANSO speakers stressed cooperation between service providers.
But in sport, as in life, hard work canso often pay off and Kuyt and Liverpool are currently feasting on the fruits of his labour on an increasingly regular basis.
Thomas Hart explores the issue of monotony in the Galician-Portuguese cantigas de amor by comparing them to the troubadour canso.
Within the Scotian Shelf region off of Nova Scotia, this area is due south of Cape Breton Island in the area of Canso Bank.
56) Frustrated by Tompkins' refusal to let the federation idea go, Morrison removed him from the college and sent him to Canso as parish priest.
Alexander ter Kuile, secretary general of CANSO, said that "though many feel that there is a necessity to change the financing structure of air traffic management and the global principles on which air traffic management is financed, when you come to look at how to make the changes and how to introduce a new system, there are so many variables and so many pros and cons for different options that it becomes extremely difficult to find a system that fits everybody.