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CANTCalifornia, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas (states bordering Texas)
CANTCanyon Towhee (bird species)
CANTCareer Aptitude Normalizing Test (The Simpsons)
CANTCanticle of Canticles (Song of Solomon)
CANTCombinatorics, Automata and Number Theory
CANTClearly Are Not Trying
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Spinner Ollie McGee claimed 3-52 from 10 overs and Cant 2-63 as a spirited Northumberland just pulled up short.
It was a tremendous response in the second innings and a great stand between Du Toit and Cant.
Cant, who lit up millions of young lives hosting Play School and narrating Trumpton, had bravely battled ill-health for years.
Cant died at Denville Hall, a retirement home often used by those in the entertainment industry.
In 2007 Cant topped a poll of presenters with the best-loved voices in children's TV.
They were rst asked to bite on a tongue depressor to evaluate parallelism of the occlusal plane with the interpupillary line and those with an occlusal plane cant were eliminated.
Influences of knife clamp (Hernandez and Quirion 1993), cutting width and cutting height on chip quality (Hernandez and Lessard 1997), and cant surface quality (Hernandez et al.
The DIG also directed the SP Cant to submit a good work done report to CCPO and DIG Operations.
Coroner Robin Balmain said the landlord called officers after being unable to contact Mr Cant, whose martital status was unknown.
In light of research that demonstrates the healing impact of a window view of nature (Ulrich, 1984), the cant offers patients opportunity to recover faster.
Cant - originally an actor whose credits include early Doctor Who stories - was a key part of the childhoods of a generation of children.