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CANTACaribbean Association of National Training Agencies
CANTACAN (Controller Area Network) Transmission Acknowledge (computer networking)
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Canta in Italia is a credit-optional class at Wichita State.
Chef Diana Durand's Canta Rana is decidedly down home by comparison, purveying what we might think of as Peruvian comfort food.
Canta Jorge por tu fe, y veras que te dare: una argolla para el pie, y otra para la garganta; no quere canta.
Essa segunda Kylie tambem canta em playback o refrao (segunda aparicao) assim que entra em cena.
This dense, moist bread, served to morning hikers at La Cocina Que Canta, tastes so chocolaty that you'd never guess it's made with prune puree instead of butter.
I founded La Cocina Que Canta because so many of our guests have been asking for help in upgrading their eating habits and cooking skills.
Quando um modista canta uma décima, todos ficam parados ouvindo-o.
The two HAs (Canta 730 [GN ReSound North America, Bloomington, Minnesota] and Altair ITC [Sonic Innovations, Salt Lake City, Utah]) were chosen because both were capable of WDRMCC, with a large number of independent compression channels (14 in the Canta 730 and 9 in the Altair ITC), and because they were capable of LA, with good fits to linear targets (a result of the large numbers of channels).
In Glendale, officials closed Camino San Rafael from Calle Canta to Emerald Isle Drive out of fear that the rain had made the road too unstable.
Ziriguiboom/Crammed Zir 22) HHH Quarteto Em Cy - Canta Brasil (Iris, distrib Harmonia Mundi 3001 888) HHH Bernard Wystraete & Group -Strawa no Sertao (Carmo/15 distrib New Note 986 9141) HHH Max De Castro (Trama 650-2) HHHH Rappin' Hood - Sujeito Homem 2 (Trama 993-2) HHH
Samantha Del Canta, vice president of the Learning Annex, admitted that while big-names certainly provide the Wow
With the help of Cecilia Zannoni and others, Virgilio and Graziella have jointly produced a book with the title, chosen by Virgilio, of Contro il silenzio la parola canta (the word sings, defeating silence).