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CANTABOf the University of Cambridge or its alumni
CANTABCAmbridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery
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The ODD group also exhibited significantly increased scores in the SWM between errors, and the strategy in spatial working memory of the CANTAB compared with the control group (see table 2).
If successful at trails, Cantab will replace the current test, which asks questions such as "Where are you?
The primary outcome measure was a change from baseline in CANTAB Paired Associate Learning (PAL), a visuospatial episodic memory test.
53 CANTAB = Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery, PASAT = Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test, POMS = Profile of Mood States, RT = reaction time, SF-36 = 36-item short form, UFOV = useful field of view.
As part of the settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) prior to closing the acquisition the company transferred to Schering exclusive responsibility for the development and commercialization of Cantab in solid organ transplantation and Genzyme will no longer receive a share of US profits from the use of the product in transplantation.
We ate, we drank, we danced at that Cambridge institution The Cantab.
Outside of New York, Boston's Cantab has been prominently featured in the 1998 documentary SlamNation.
Jack Goody who has a doctorate in anthropology (PhD Cantab 1954), is honorary professor at St John's College, Cambridge.
One of my choices is Iris cantab, a relative to reticulata, which has unusual clear pale blue flowers with a deep yellow ridge inside each petal.
According to Cohen, five companies are in the advanced stages of animal tests against a variety of drugs, and the British company Cantab Pharmaceuticals has nearly completed testing an anti-cocaine vaccine for safety in human drug users.
The UK's Top Pharmaceutical R&D Spenders 1998 R&D Spending Company (thousands of US dollars) % Change Glaxo Wellcome 1,872,430 1 SmithKline Beecham 1,465,100 8 AstraZeneca 1,139,880 8 Pfizer 504,252 54 Roche Products 105,276 27 British Biotech 68,012 16 Medeva 51,681 18 Chiroscience 47,012 -20 Scotia 36,925 0 Shire Pharmaceuticals 34,928 299 Vanguard Medica 33,904 -6 Celltech 32,200 7 Bristol-Myers Squibb 30,156 -6 Cortecs 26,887 45 Xenova 26,376 26 PPL Therapeutics 21,778 23 Cantab Pharmaceuticals 20,204 14 Oxford Glycosciences 17,866 100 Peptide Therapeutics 15,689 97 Cambridge Antibody 14,691 36
Mix them with Iris reticulata, which has a number of named varieties like Cantab and J S Dijt in a range of blues from the darkest to the palest.