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CANTABOf the University of Cambridge or its alumni
CANTABCAmbridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery
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You want to detect Alzheimer's disease before the damage is done, before you can't work any longer and before you can't hold down your family responsibilities and relationships," Professor Barbara Sahakian, co-inventor of the Cantab test, said.
This immense body of work stretching back over the last 25 years gives CANTAB an unrivalled scientific heritage and degree of validation.
Cantab Pharmaceuticals Research, which makes the drug, says the vaccine attacks the nicotine in tobacco, giving smokers a less pleasurable experience.
Money raised from the event is being split between Ward 35 Oncology at University Hospital and the Cantab Neuro/Oncology Research Fund.
Beaubien is probably most famous as the slammaster for the Boston Poetry Slam Wednesday nights at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge.
Bavarian Nordic, Oxxon and Transgene has modified Vaccinia Ankara virus whereas BioVex, Cantab and Medigene has modified herpes simplex virus in their portfolio.
He has also spent two years as chairman of National Power and held a similar role at Cantab Pharmaceuticals.
IN October, I recommended that you buy Cantab Pharmaceuticals in the hope of a bid.
Poet Simone Beaubien, who hosts the Wednesday night poetry slam at the Cantab in Cambridge, is an engaging performer with a gift for storytelling, crafting her tales in nuanced, engaging language.
com Win Sharples Cantab Motors Ltd Valley Industrial Park 37251 Richardson Lane Purcellville VA 201342 USA Tel: 001 540 338 2211 Email: morgans@cantab-motors.
The company is also divesting rights to market ceftazidime to Abbott Laboratories Inc and will return to Cantab Pharmaceuticals rights to use that firm's DISC technology to develop a prophylactic herpes vaccine.
CanTab Pharms, the biotech we tipped at 82p last month after their trial genital wart treatment failed to do the business, is rumoured to be preparing a short list of potential bidders.