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CANTERCommunication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses, Inc.
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That is the great advantage of dialogue on horseback; it can be merged any minute into a trot or a canter, and one might have escaped from Socrates himself in the saddle.
However, to my unspeakable relief, they were scarce clear of the trees when they turned their horses' heads, rode them through the water a good seventy yards from where I lay, and so away at a canter across country towards the road.
It was not a trot, a gallop, or a canter, but a stampede, and made up of all possible or conceivable gaits.
At this the two friars said nothing, but they glared again on Little John with baleful looks; then, without another word, they clucked to their horses, and both broke into a canter.
The near side horse, arching his head and breaking into a short canter, tugged at his traces.
Pepper raised his stick and silently indicated a shrub, bearing among sparse leaves a voluminous purple blossom; and at a rickety canter the last stage of the way was accomplished.
He made the Sawhorse canter all the way down the hill, and only breathed easily when they were miles away from the village.
Not once since his master had departed had he been beyond sight or sound of the bungalow, except when Lady Greystoke chose to canter across the broad plain, or relieve the monotony of her loneliness by a brief hunting excursion.
Setting her horse off at a canter, she soon came up with him.
No longer punished, at the end of a half mile Bob eased down into a fast canter.
Two or three aides detach themselves from the group and canter away into the woods, along the lines in each direction.
Alec when she got home; meantime she had many a fine canter "over the hills and far away" with Mac, who preferred Mr.