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CANTOCaribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organizations
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A few lines further down the canto, it is given additional weight through capitalization ("MOUNTAIN").
Canto found that women were 31 percent less likely than men to get these drugs, which are one of the chief tools for limiting the damage of the heart attack.
Video is critical to every aspect of today's communication," said Ulrich Knocke, ceo of Canto.
It would be more so, however, if she kept her promise to show how this structure evolved into its final 46 canto form from the original 40 cantos of 1516 and 1521, where her numbers don't add up.
When Canto finally lost the title in 1979, fighter and trainer agreed to retire together.
CHILI2Cumulus is based on Canto Integration Platform, a framework that provides a quick and easy way to integrate Cumulus into any other system, software application, mobile device or website, so users can power through their work day with one streamlined solution.
In the last canto, during a confusing and harrowing battle, Charles is pitched from a bridge into the river.
In our fast-moving and dynamic environment people need to be able to administer Cumulus anytime, anywhere via a web browser, dispensing with the need to install a native client on a local computer," said Uli Knocke, Canto ceo.
By using Canto Integration Platform to integrate Cumulus users can work in their familiar application environment while leveraging centralized rich media access and management, storing and reusing digital media across legacy systems, slashing time spent searching for stored documents and images and creating efficiencies in workflow management.
Subsequently, Canto partners attended a demonstration of the Canto Cumulus release 8.
Canto RoboFlow was built for Canto Cumulus, so the functionality it adds is a perfect complement to the automation capabilities built in to Cumulus," said Carsten Hesse, Cumulus product manager.
Schleu's presentation will examine changes the DAM industry has undergone since he invented Canto Cumulus more than 20 years ago.