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CANTVCompañía Anónima Nacional Teléfonos de Venezuela
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Dr Zengxiang Lu, CEO, China Digital TV, said, We are delighted to win yet another tender from CANTV.
CANTV is the first telephone service enterprise in Venezuela, founded in 1930.
Zengxiang Lu, CEO of China Digital TV, commented, "We are delighted to win yet another tender from CANTV.
Net-savvy activists reported a serious nationwide degradation Thursday in Internet service provided by CANTV, which handles about 90 percent of the country's traffic.
Lucent and Movilnet worked as a team to deploy this advanced network and its completion is truly a major milestone for all of us," said Luis Figueiredo, Lucent's regional sales director in charge of the CANTV Movilnet account.
9% of CANTV through its majority stake in its subsidiary Corporacion EDC.
In 2011/2012, two more companies entered the Venezuelan satellite TV market: CANTV and Inter.
Offer, together with the Class B shares of common stock of CANTV held by the Ministry of the Popular Power for Telecommunications and Information Technology and the Venezuelan Economic and Social Development Fund Bank, represent an aggregate of 716,584,645 shares of common stock, or approximately 91% of the outstanding shares of common stock of CANTV.
The offer is being conducted as two separate, but concurrent, tender offers to purchase (i) in Venezuela, any and all outstanding Class D Shares of CANTV at a price, payable in Bolivars, of the equivalent of US$1.
Yet it will soon have company, as Venezuela's leading telephone utility CANTV has announced plans to sell $200 million in domestic bonds in early 2005 to help finance the purchase of a small competitor.
CANTV has expanded the reach of its telephone network using primarily fixed-wireless solutions.
In the tender offers, the Venezuelan Republic is offering to acquire (i) in the United States, any and all outstanding American Depositary Shares of CANTV ("ADSs"), each representing seven shares of Class D common stock of CANTV ("Class D Shares"), for US$11.