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CANTVCompañía Anónima Nacional Teléfonos de Venezuela
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A new government elected in December 2015 has suggested some plans for the telecom sector specifically, potentially including an overhaul of the sector's regulator, amending the Telecommunications Act, and privatising the incumbent operator CANTV, which had been nationalised by the previous government in 2007.
Dr Zengxiang Lu, CEO, China Digital TV, said, We are delighted to win yet another tender from CANTV.
NYSE: STV) said it has won a tender to supply 900,000 smart cards to Venezuelan integrated telecommunication service provicer CANTV (BVC: TDV.
Net-savvy activists reported a serious nationwide degradation Thursday in Internet service provided by CANTV, which handles about 90 percent of the country's traffic.
Si bien de manera explicita CANTV considera como sus grupos de interes a accionistas, clientes, la comunidad, trabajadores, jubilados y el Estado venezolano (CANTV, 2012c), las acciones de responsabilidad social se concentran en aliados sociales, clientes, comunidad y trabajadores.
Given that CANTV, at the time the leading company in Venezuela's telecommunications sector (3), accounted for the highest volume of shares traded in the BVC and of ADRs in the NYSE the study paid particular attention to analyzing the evolution of CANTV shares and their associated ADRs.
La compra por parte del Estado de CANTV es un elemento positivo para los venezolanos porque se contuvo la tendencia del aumento de tarifas en moviles y se cancelo una deuda con los jubilados", dijo Jesse Chacon antes de dejar el Ministerio de Telecomunicaciones, a principios de ano.
empresa de CANTV dedicada a servicios de telefonia movil).
Venezuela's Telecommunications Minister Jesse Chacon indicated that CANTV will be the only telecommunications company returned to state control.
Como extrabajador, cesado para continuar laborando para la CANTV, formo parte de una demanda.
A major holder of American Depository Receipts of CANTV is Brandes Investment Partners of San Diego.
Movilnet), the wireless division of Venezuela's largest telecommunications operator CANTV (NYSE:VNT), has debuted an advanced third-generation (3G) CDMA2000 1X voice and high-speed data network using equipment, software and services from Lucent Technologies (NYSE:LU).