CANUSCanada - United States
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end of CANUS 1 along with terrestrial facilities from Manasquan to New York, allowing interconnection of Globesystem Atlantic with U.
Capacity on CANUS 1 is available on an on-demand basis through sale, short- or long-term lease or an Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) basis.
In addition to its 50% ownership in CANUS 1, OPTEL holds U.
Capacity on CANUS 1 will be offered on a non-tarriffed, non-common carrier basis.
Using optical amplifiers and the latest Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) technology, CANUS 1 will have a total capacity of 60,480 circuits, at an operating speed of 2.
Using existing terminal stations at landing points in both countries, CANUS 1 will also provide interconnection between CANTAT 3, TAT-9 and the PTAT transatlantic systems.