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CANopenController Area Network, the Open Communication Solution Dissemination Project
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0 B C_CAN controller with on-chip CANopen drivers, integrated transceiver; UART, 2 SPI & I2C (FM+); Two 16-bit and two 32-bit timers with PWM/Match/Capture and one 24-bit system timer; 12MHz Internal RC Oscillator with 1% accuracy over temperature and voltage; Power-On-Reset (POR); Multi-level Brown-Out-Detect (BOD); 10-50MHz Phase-Locked Loop (PLL); 8-channel high precision 10-bit ADC with +/-1LSB DNL; and 36 fast 5V tolerant GPIO pins, high drive (20mA) on select pins.
Motion programming is done from a CAN/ CANopen master via PO/PLC using the appropriate motion library, or directly at motor level, using the built-in motion controller and the EasyMotion Studio platform.
In addition to the freely programmable control functionality, two CANopen interfaces enable networking with other controls and displays.
EPL uses the CANopen EN50325-4 standard for automation (Pfeiffer, 2005).
In the ultra-competitive environment of medical devices, however, CANopen has not been installed.
Ositrack compact stations can be connected on Ethernet, Modbus, CANopen and Uni-Telway networks via a connection box.
Interfaces Field bus: CANopen System setup: System configuration via Personal Computer-based Smartview Service Interface: RS 485 asynchron, full duplex 468k Baud Controller 4 analogue inputs: [+ or -] [10 VDC, resolution 12-bit 4 digital inputs: 0/18 32 VDC; 1 OSA; optoisolator 2 digital outputs: 0/18 32 VDC; 30mA; optoisolator, type: open collector Brake driver: 18 to 32 VDC, 5A max.
Network function includes RS232 and CANopen DS301 with full implementation of DS402.
Baldor's Ethernet-compatible motion controller and servo motor drives connect with cost- effective CANopen devices.
The Accela printer is able to reach these throughput rates through extensive use of CANopen control architecture and the patented theory of operation.
The controller supports the fieldbus CANopen, PROFIBUS DP