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CAOCcombat air operations center (US DoD)
CAOCChicago Area Orienteering Club (Illinois)
CaOCCathodal Opening Contraction
CAOCConstant Axial Offset Control
CAOCCommissioned Artistic Officials Committee
CAOCCitizens Action Organizing Committee (Cleveland, Ohio)
CAOCCombined Aerospace Operations Center
CAOCCynicism about Organizational Change
CAOCCoalition Air Operations Center (Saudi Arabia)
CAOCChief Acquisition Officers Council
CAOCConsumer Attorneys of California
CAOCCombined Air Operations Center
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CAOC is California's largest Trial Lawyers Association organization, comprised of approximately 4,000 plaintiff attorneys.
For example, leaders had to contend with continuous shifts in political priorities and SACEUR guidance as well as myriad pressures occasioned by a random flow of assets to the theater, ranging from combat aircraft to staff augmentees in the CAOC.
The CAOC at Al Udeid simultaneously supports Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, anclJoint Task Force Horn of Africa.
Additionally, as a result of the weekly synchronization video teleconferences between MNC-I air planners, air liaison officers, and the CAOC staff, the participants knew that inert weapons were already in theater and could be quickly delivered to the appropriate bases.
Because the CAOC included no Italian liaison officer, the Predator mission had no advocate and frequently lacked the information and coordination channels to make timely decisions.
The BCE located at CAOC did not normally work with corps-level headquarters, and Air Force and Navy personnel there were unfamiliar with Army procedures.
The CAOC still processed air-support requests but worked with the fire/effects coordination cell at MNC-I to recommend weights of effort for each prioritized effect so as to best meet the CFC's requirements.
Linking UAVs to CAOC via satellite illustrated the value of an effective joint system for coordinating operations with service air platforms and distributing imagery across services.
Production operators from the OIF CAOC report that it is virtually impossible to deconflict each and every alert with the current system.
Johnson of the Air Force orchestrated the countrywide close air support (CAS) effort on behalf of both MNC-I and the CAOC at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar.