CAOHCChina Aviation Oil Holding Company
CAOHCCouncil for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation
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In addition to teaching CAOHC Courses; Workplace INTEGRA is a health & safety data management company that offers an in-house programmed and supported software product called Workplace Applications.
Throughout its existence, CAOHC has collaborated not only with the AAO-HNS, but also with the organized representatives of other related disciplines (audiology, nursing, engineering, occupational medicine, and others).
CAOHC has maintained its focus on and dedication to the establishment and maintenance of training standards for professionals who are responsible for protecting hearing in industry.
According to the investment agreements, the three companies will inject US$130 million into CAO, of which CAOHC will invest US$75.
Xinhua Far East acknowledges that the Company's investment agreements with CAOHC, BP and Aranda, albeit provisional in nature, present a critical breakthrough in the restructuring process and greatly eliminate the uncertainties about rehabilitation of CAO as a going concern.
In particular, the rating upgrade factors into Xinhua Far East's expectation that BP will expedite the overhaul of CAO's corporate governance and operations, especially risk management, via its right to nominate two directors in CAO's board and various co-operative agreements with CAO or CAOHC.
CAOHC is a large state-owned aviation transportation logistics group, and falls under the direct leadership of China's State Council.