CAOSChemical Analysis Of Samples
CAOSChicago Academy of Sciences
CAOSComputer-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery
CAOSCenter for Atmosphere Ocean Sciences (New York University, New York)
CAOSCommercial Adoption of Open Source (The 451 Group service)
CAOSCreatures Agent/Object Scripting (Creatures gaming scripting language)
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Six comprehensive 451 CAOS Reports published each year - each one examining a different issue and offering insight into user and vendor experiences - providing in-depth case studies and competitive assessments
Insight directly from the 451 CAOS Community - an insider group of early adopters who deliver direction to the entire software industry by participating in ongoing 451 research
Direct access to The 451 Group's free blog for the enterprise open source community - 451 CAOS Theory - which can be found at: http://blogs.
Editor's Note: The comment referenced above comes from an independently-produced posting on the 451 CAOS Theory blog and was neither sponsored by nor otherwise funded directly by Solid Information Technology.
CAOS goals are to educate practicing orthopaedic surgeons on these new, enabling technologies that have the potential to improve clinical practice and patient outcomes; identify new tools and technologies that will enhance patient care by making procedures more accurate as well as less and minimally invasive; and, most importantly, foster interdisciplinary clinical research through the use of technologies not traditionally used by orthopaedists.
The CAOS model is being replicated in Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, and other countries.