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CAP1Contraception-Associated Protein 1 (biochemistry)
CAP1Channel Activating Protease 1
CAP1Canine Activated Platelet 1
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These data represent the first level of analysis of the CAP1 study and further details are planned for presentation at an appropriate scientific meeting in the near future.
The second pivotal, Phase III CIDECIN study is currently underway (CAP2), using the same protocol as CAP1 and enrolling patients predominantly in the Southern Hemisphere.
The M209 received a CAP1 rating from the American Bureau of Shipping which indicates that the barge meets the standards of a newly built vessel.
Analysis of the previously halted second study (CAP2) has now been completed; outcome trends from the initial analysis of 170 evaluable patients appear to be consistent with the results seen in the CAP1 study, but are not statistically meaningful given the small patient population.
We are continuing the analysis of the data generated from the CAP1 trial and will shortly be analyzing the data from the second CAP trial, with the expectation that these data will be useful in determining whether to investigate CIDECIN as a treatment of nosocomial (hospital-acquired) pneumonia.