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CAPACICongressional Asian Pacific American Caucus Institute (now the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS))
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Pam Capaci of Prevention Links remarked, “It's too bad that this epidemic had to hit suburbia before the media took an interest.
Over recent months centres in the North East have been inundated, meaning facilities are full to capaci ty.
Three trim levels are available and there's even a choice of a big capaci ty V6 diesel engine.
Le rane sono dotate di una vista acuta e sono capaci di localizzare una preda in movimento fino a 2.
The creation of market power in this manner resulted in very large price increments over competitive predictions, which disappeared when the capaci ty concentration was reversed and market power was eliminated without changing the aggregate supply-and-demand structure (Davis and Holt 1994).
It belies a faith in members' capaci ties, not simply to learn and develop, but to also guide their own learning and development.
Two artists, Jonde Northcutt and Nick Capaci, each give fascinating step-by-step demonstrations on how they combine printmaking, painting and drawing to create monotypes and monoprints.
Within eastern North Carolina, counties that had higher proportions of African-American residents, higher rates of poverty, and less local political capaci ty in 1980 have also been more likely to have growing hog populations throughout the 1980s and 1990s.
Cassiano) due Teatri bellissimi edificati, con spesa grande, l'uno in forma ovata et l'altro rotonda, capaci di gran numero di persone; per recitarvi ne' rempi del Carnevale, Comedie, secondo l'uso della citta.
Thus we witness in Pakistan refrigerator and air-conditioners manufacturers running their facilities at less than half their capaci ty and auto manufacturers producing cars in number which do not warrant a full scale manufacturing facility.
And this capaci ty is an indispensable component of any rational pursuit of an end" (p.
Here again, international capaci ties are diffuse, consisting of various bilateral and multilateral programs that have little organic connection to the institutions generally responsible for peacekeeping or peace enforcement operations.