CAPAMCommonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (UK)
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Further a meeting of CAPAM Biennial Conference was held during 18th 20th August, 2016 in Putrajaya Malaysia.
During the conference, the CAPAM awards were given to the best initiatives.
There were 4 categories of awards, of which India got CAPAM awards in 3 initiatives.
Ken nominated me for a position as the CAPAM member on the IRAS editorial board, my first experience on an editorial board.
Armed with the objective of facilitating inter-governmental exchange of better administrative ideas among Commonwealth countries, CAPAM was then established in 1994.
The CAPAM meeting in New Delhi comes at a crucial time for India's polity, with the federal government besieged by the opposition and by civil society over multiple graft exposes, and rising clamour for the establishment of a Lokpal (ombudsman) to combat corruption and bad governance.
As Paul Ntep Gwet, a director of CAPAM, explained to the local press: "In 2003, the country had issued just two permits for industrial mining operations and the activities of the small-scale mining sector were not even monitored.
The Board approved a CAPAM vision which outlined financing, membership and programme plans to make CAPAM a self-sufficient autonomous organization over the next five years.
Some of the highlights of current programmes underway can be summarized as follows: CAPAM plans to enter into formal affiliation agreements with existing associations of public administrators to improve the distribution of information about best management practices among their members.
CAPAM membership is open to both individuals and institutions.