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CAPASComité de l'Académie pour les Applications de la Science (French: Academy Council of Applied Sciences; Belgium)
CAPASCenter for Asian Pacific American Students
CAPASCoordinated African Programme of Assistance on Services (UN)
CAPASCompact Amsterdam Paedo-Audiometric Screener (children's hearing; Netherlands)
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According to recent research by Best Practices, LLC, companies are still trying to find the best ways to measure the effectiveness of their CAPA processes.
This will reduce the time required to complete investigations and provide a blueprint for future CAPAs to be transparent and traceable and can be adopted at other sites throughout the company.
Reese will cover best practices, how companies lull themselves into thinking they're covered, tips on solving CAPA issues, exploring challenges and pitfalls in the process, getting to the root cause of the CAPA stream, and more.
The consequences of CAPA non-compliance are costly and significant, resulting in damaged brand reputation and, potentially, a company's long-term profitability.
Aparece entre las ramas un Hombre envuelto en una amplia y lujosa capa roja.
The CAPAS field testing was initially funded by the SECNAV's Office of Safety and Survivability.
To get these Reserve individuals and units prepared is an intensive task," said Capas.
The FDA's enforcement plan makes it clear: Developing a successful CAPA program has never been more important.
For example, I know the number of CAPAs completed, those still in process, and those that are not on schedule to be completed.
Companies can prioritize resources on the CAPAs that have the most critical impact and risk to the organization, rather than taking a reactive approach to what is overdue.
In addition, with the addition of Pilgrim's reporting tools, Nikkiso will improve the visibility of its trending, analysis and reporting of collected CAPA and Complaints data.
PARIS, France, June 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Comrod, an international supplier of ruggedized communication equipment, is pleased to introduce the new CAPAS family of Automatic Payload Alignment Systems.