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CAPDContinuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
CAPDCentral Auditory Processing Disorder
CAPDCommission Administrative Paritaire Départementale (French: Departmental Joint Administrative Committee)
CAPDClear and Present Danger (novel)
CAPDComputing to Assist Persons with Disabilities
CAPDChina Association for Promoting Democracy
CAPDCash Available to Pay Dividends (finance)
CAPDCorporate Association for Professional Development
CAPDCalifornia Police Department (mnemonic for branches of the thoracoacromial trunk: clavicular, axillary, pectoral, deltoid)
CAPDContinuous Abdominoperitoneal Dialysis
CAPDCertificate in Apparel Product Development
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Each of our three patients was being followed up in the CAPD program because of end-stage renal disease and was diagnosed with PLES related with hypertension which developed suddenly.
We thought we might have to resort to CAPD just twice per day so that home care nurses could wholly manage the dialysis, but were certainly concerned about the impact of under-dialysis, as well as fluid reabsorption from such long dwell times.
The study aimed to explore the bio-psychosocial functioning of patients with ESRD who received HD and/or CAPD through the following objectives:
The DE cohorts swung from thinking they were generally all rounders to being creative, CAPD cohorts swung from being all rounders to being generally more creative in their background through the years, and PD swung from being less technical to being better balanced.
Despite increased experience and advances in peritoneal dialysis, peritonitis remains a major cause of morbidity in patients on long-term CAPD and is the major cause of treatment failure and the need to transfer to haemodialysis.
Patients on CAPD are prone to develop hernias, particularly those with risk factors.
If you've chosen CAPD, you may have a problem with the long overnight dwell time.
Now, virtually all hemodialysis patients, and many CAPD patients receive erythropoeitin.
To treat his condition, Peter opted for CAPD - Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis, which requires the patient to have dialysis four times a day, rather than three times a week.
The patients were undergoing conservative therapy (predialysis; n = 10 and with a creatinine clearance <30 mg/L), daily hemodialysis (DHD; n = 30), standard HD (5-HD; n = 29), or CAPD (n = 54).