CAPDMCanadian Association for Pharmacy Distribution Management
CAPDMCapture, Author, Publish, Deliver and Manage (XML publishing)
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In this situation the CAPDM green paper has "served to improve the process and provides a base for discussion of cost recovery from manufacturers," said Craigie.
and former chairwoman of the CAPDM recalls/withdrawals committee that drew up the procedures in the green paper, enumerated the group's goals: to eliminate incremental, non-value-added costs and the resultant strain put on trading partner relationships; to base compensation on cost recovery; to provide a consistent document for all manufacturers and distributors; and to make the policy applicable to all types and sizes of recalls and companies involved.
Van Wart, currently chairwoman of the CAPDM customer service committee, emphasized that the committee had included representatives from distributors, branded and generic drug makers and nonprescription drug manufacturers to foster a collaborative approach.
At the chairman's dinner CAPDM assembled a roster of industry notables to participate in the anniversary celebrations.
CAPDM also runs a periodic "Pharmacy Chain Boot Camp" and other seminars on specific topics.
CAPDM relies heavily on the knowledge and input of its members in formulating its policies and establishing its programs.
In developing policy CAPDM has adopted a procedure adapted from British parliamentary practice.
CAPDM developed a green paper on product recalls and cost recovery.
The "Fastforward" newsletter provides reports of happenings within CAPDM and the industry.
CAPDM coproduces an annual Pharmacy Sourcebook that has, says Rosenberg, become an indispensable resource to those working within the sector.