CAPEMCenter for Advanced Photonic and Electronic Materials (SUNY at Buffalo, NY)
CAPEMCycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-Materials (EU)
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Since CAPEM was inaugurated, the small-scale mining sector has already generated 5,000 new jobs and government expects that number to reach 15,000 jobs by 2010.
CAPEM analyst Antonio Castro Quiroz said unemployment is having a special impact on IVA collections.
CAPEM reports that Mexico will face a deficit of 16 million jobs next year, which will force even more Mexicans to earn a living from street sales, the black market, and other areas of the informal economy.
Pedro Venegas, another CAPEM economist, said such factors as a weak peso have contributed to high inflation.
CAPEM economist Pedro Venegas also criticized the administration's shortsighted policy.