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CAPERSComputer Aided Post for Eastern States (Universal Postal Union program)
CAPERSChildren and Parents Educational Resource Services
CAPERSCoed Affiliates Pershing Rifles (est. 1966)
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Caper belongs to Capparaceae family and is known with various names in different countries.
These images make critter capers stand out from our other park events.
Usually sold in small cans or jars, capers store well in the pantry; once opened, they should be covered and refrigerated.
Scientists can use the known distributions of each species to identify the origin of commercially prepared capers [49,50].
Capers brings over 28 years of direct sales experience and a strategic vision to promote the growth of BHI Advanced Internet.
Capers grow wild all over Mediterranean, their pretty pink and white flowers seem to appear overnight from the most inhospitable of rocky clefts.
WORCESTER - Averil Capers has been named director of marketing and research for the Telegram & Gazette.
I'm not sure what they are, but I love capers with fish and cold meats and know they're very expensive.
THERE was a dramatic aftermath to the North Yorkshire Grand National at Catterick yesterday when judge Alastair Stewart changed his mind several minutes after he had announced 12-1 shot Classic Capers as the winner, writes Colin Russell.
Capers has many attributes that make it a great business lunch location.
Heist films come in two flavors: films noirs like The Asphalt Jungle and Dog Day Afternoon in which the well-laid plans of a crew of thieves unravel and implode, and cunning capers like To Catch a Thief and The Thomas Crown Affair in which a clever thief outwits both the cops and the audience.
Dom Capers was told to clean out his desk in Houston.