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CAPEXCapital Expenditure
CAPEXCapacity Expansion (IT infrastructure management)
CAPEXChicago Association of Private Equity Executives (Chicago, IL)
CAPEXCapability Exercise
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Signs have emerged in 2012 of a slowly improving economy, and further improvement should help reach the revenue goal and capex growth targets of 3 and 6% respectively.
5bn capex in 2010 was significantly lower than Tesco's [pounds sterling]1.
For some operators, the addition of small cells and femtocells in particular, can be a method to avoid large CapEx while increasing macro network performance.
With the exception of Eastern Europe and the FSU and Latin America the onshore pipelines market in all regions are expected to experience growth in both total length installed and associated Capex between 2011 and 2015 relative to the previous five years.
As a result of increased capex, average free cash flow for EMEA corporates will halve during 2010 to EUR 19 billion, from 2009's record peak of EUR 41 billion.
Such programs need not only focus on reducing the costs and CapEx from the current base, but in most cases also look for efficiency improvements through operational excellence, seeking to achieve higher service levels and customer satisfaction at no extra cost," stated Mr.
The integrated US and European majors had boosted upstream Capex for the first three quarters of 2002 by 6% to $36.
Lenders will insist on higher CapEx reserves than in the past, and reserves will be actually funded rather than accrued.
31, 2012, Capex generated USD23 million in funds from operations (FFO) and funded USD25.
Given that the regulatory rates of return on investments for FSK and MRSKs at 10-11% are much below the estimated cost of capital (14-20%), their capex plans destroy shareholder value, in our view.
Going forward, Delta Partners predicts mature regions such as North America and Western Europe will remain broadly stable, "around 13 - 14% CapEx efficiency" while emerging regions will decline but remain at a higher level of CapEx/Sales ratio if operators manage to address the CapEx challenge of additional new technologies (3G, LTE etc.
Confidence is rising in the global telecoms sector with operator CAPEX expected to rise by 9% in 2012, according to ABI Research.