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CAPLCanadian Association of Petroleum Landmen
CAPLCulturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon (foreign language learning)
CAPLCanadian Association of Public Libraries
CAPLCommissions Administratives Paritaires Locales
CAPLCentre for Assessment of Prior Learning (New Zealand)
CAPLCentral Agricultural Pesticides Laboratory (Egypt)
CAPLCanadian Academy of Psychiatry and Law
CAPLCapitula (Latin: Chapters; Codices and Manuscripts)
CAPLCenter for Art and Public Life
CAPLCommunication Access Programming Language
CAPLCAN Access Programming Language
CAPLContinuous Annealing and Processing Line
CAPLCivilian Acquisition Position List
CAPLCoastal Anti-Pollution League
CAPLChemical and Allied Products Limited
CAPLCUMI Australia Pty Ltd
CAPLCarillon Avenue Pty Limited
CAPLC4I Alerts Presentation Layer
CAPLContinuous Annealing Process Line
CAPLcapillary assist pump loop
CAPLContinuous Anneal Process Line (steel industry)
CAPLCritical Acquisition Position List
CAPLCentral Animal Pathology Laboratories (UK)
CAPLCritical Alloys Parts List
CAPLCommand Alerts Presentation Layer (US DoD)
CAPLCommittee on Academic and Professional Linkages
CAPLControlled Assembly Parts List
CAPLContractual Agreement Preference List (wireless networks)
CAPLCareer Planning
CAPLCatastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome
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CAPL, a major multi-product light engineering business, had established subsidiary firms such as Craftsman Marine in Netherlands intended for marketing the company's industrial application stuffs in the marine division through distributors in more than 40 countries and Craftsman Singapore meant for tactical sourcing in Asia.
CAPL is now on the brink of enlarging its exposure by the use of its two joint ventures - with Japanese Mitsubishi Corporation for industrial machinery as well as German Carl Stahl for material management.
CAPL has established a solid track record both in machining (high precision, critical engine and transmission components) as well as product engineering and manufacturing (vertically integrated turnkey manufacturing and design of precision engineering and standard products)," stated S Ravi, the Managing Director of CAPL.
Table 81: CAPL - Wheatstone LNG Plant - Western Australia, Main Contractor Contacts
Table 82: CAPL - Wheatstone LNG Plant - Western Australia, Consultant Contacts
Table 83: CAPL - Wheatstone LNG Plant - Western Australia, Supply Contacts
Table 84: CAPL - Wheatstone LNG Plant - Western Australia, Sub Contractor Contacts
Table 77: CAPL - Wheatstone LNG Plant - Western Australia, Funding Details
Table 78: CAPL - Wheatstone LNG Plant - Western Australia, Schedule Details
In return, CAPL would be required to "manage its costs and maximise income to ensure a sustainable and growing business plan and to meet the terms of the loan and rental payments due to the council.
The council also receives "significant annual rental income" as leaseholder of the land, let on a long lease to CAPL, whose sole owner No Ordinary Hotels bought the hotel in 1992.