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CAPMCapital Asset Pricing Model
CAPMCertified Associate in Project Management
CAPMChild Abuse Prevention Month
CAPMComputer-Aided Production Management
CAPMCouncil on Asian Pacific Minnesotans
CAPMCentre for Aquatic Plant Management
CAPMCivil Air Patrol Manual
CAPMComputer-Aided Patient Management
CAPMCertified Associate in Project Manager (Project Management Institute)
CAPMCarrier Amplitude and Phase Modulation
CAPMCPU Access Port Monitor
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1) Os autores analisam, de forma mais ampla, o CAPM com base em modelos de aprecamentos intertemporais e tambem consideram variacoes no fator utilizado como retorno de mercado.
However, according to Mahdi Mattar, Chief Executive Officer of CAPM Investment, there is more to the success of the Marka IPO.
Mahdi Mattar, chief executive of CAPM Investment, a subsidiary of Financial House, said: "55 per cent of the Company's shares, equivalent to Dh275 million, will be offered to the public in an IPO at the price of Dh1 per share plus a subscription fee of 3 fils per share.
In the assessment of the conditional pricing models, Ghysels (1998) argues that the specification of the CAPM parameters is very important and should be carefully performed.
The objectives of this study are to evaluate the performance of financial sector of Pakistan on the basis of risk return adjusted parameters and to compare the efficiency of CAPM and seven factor asset pricing models.
Although the CAPM is the first well known model to understand the mechanism of portfolio asset price anomalies but was heavily criticized by researchers (Fama and French, [12]) for its inability to completely explain the stock return.
Low beta coefficients of the stocks indicate low market integration, possibility of diversification benefits and underestimated emerging country's cost of equity based on the classical CAPM model.
1995) reported in a survey of 27 highly regarded companies, that CAPM is the most commonly used model to estimate the cost of equity.
The latest study on the Egyptian stock market (Shaker and Elgiziry, 2014) evaluates different asset pricing models, namely the CAPM, Fama and French three-factor model (thereafter, FF3 model), momentum-augmented FF3 model, Liquidity-augmented FF3 model and momentum and liquidity-augmented FF3 model.
Silva, Pinto, Melo, and Camargos (2009), Garcia and Bonomo (2001), Machado, Bortoluzzo, Martins, and Sanvicente (2013), and Tambosi Filho, da Costa, and Rossetto (2006) published papers that evaluated the efficiency of the conditional CAPM model (C-CAPM) proposed by Bodurtha and Mark (1991) in the Brazilian market.
Since the 1960s, the traditional asset pricing model has been CAPM (the capital asset pricing model), which uses a single variable -- an asset's beta, or correlation to the broad market -- as a predictor of its expected future performance relative to some risk-free rate (cash or government bonds).