CAPMASCentral Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (Egypt)
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Meanwhile, CAPMAS indicated that monthly inflation took a slight downward trend in November with a 0.
6 percent on the month, CAPMAS said but did not explain the price falls.
The CAPMAS report attributed the exports drop to a fall in overseas demand for Egypt's petroleum products, garments, fertilisers and electrical wires.
Unemployment, which stood at 9 per cent in 2010, is now estimated at 13 per cent, according to CAPMAS.
In its report on July inflation, CAPMAS listed the most noticeable price increases as being 71.
Concurrently, the CAPMAS data showed that the rate of employment has not increased, while educational attainment has.
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Head of CAPMAS Abu Bakr El-Gendy said in press statements Sunday that the increasing population rates in Egypt are "disastrous", and that this increase has significant impact on the rates of development.
5 versus 114 a year earlier, the agency CAPMAS said.
We wanted to tell the citizens that we are losing a lot, so people would stop striking, go back to work and the economy would recover," Abu Bakr Al Gandi, President of CAPMAS, told Gulf News by telephone, adding that the report was not aiming to be comprehensive for all sectors.
Egypt's CAPMAS reported on Sunday that the value of exports reached LE12.
4pc in the year to March, the state statistics agency CAPMAS said.