CAPOEComputer-Assisted Physician Order Entry
CAPOECivilian Aerial Port of Entry
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The nests were in big trees surrounded by vegetation in the typical capoes or cordilheiras, with one nest recorded on the border of a cordilheira, close to a pasture, in a nest-box installed on a Bratina tree (Schinopsis hrasiliensis).
ou louro-branco, uma especie nativa pioneira de ampla distribuicao, que pode colonizar desde margens de estradas ate matas, Cerrados e capoes (LORENZI, 1992; POTT; POTT, 1994).
The landscape is a mosaic of: (1) typical campos rupestres, which are areas of rocky outcrops with herbaceous vegetation and shrubs including Bromeliaceae, Cactaceae, Velloziaceae, Orchidaceae, Asteraceae, and scattered trees up to 3 m in height, especially Eremanthus erythropappus; (2) open fields, composed predominantly of herbaceous species of Cyperaceae, Poaceae, and Eriocaulaceae, and small shrubs with an average height of 1 m; and (3) capoes de mata, which are small areas of dense forest-like vegetation associated with wetter areas, such as springs and small streams with trees up to 8 m in height and many epiphytic plants.