CAPPOCalifornia Association of Public Purchasing Officers
CAPPOCalifornia Plant Protection Officer
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In the best case, this is perhaps the safest password data would ever need to be, and at minimum, the protections are the same as the current industry standard," Cappos said.
Sreenivasan added his congratulations, saying, "Professor Cappos has demonstrated the potential for good that technology can bring to society.
Cappos is a faculty member of NYU WIRELESS, a research center for wireless research, computing, and medical applications; the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Security and Privacy at NYU-Poly and NYU, and NYC Media Lab.
9ug/L, giving a total arsenic rejection of 99 percent," Cappos said.
These results sit comfortably with the WHO's recent recommendation that the safe upper limit should be reduced to 10 micrograms/liter, a figure that the EU has also adopted as standard, Cappos added.
The TFC(R)-ULP(R) RO membrane has always been one of the most successful products in the Fluid Systems(TM) range," Cappos said.
The TFC(R)-ULP(R) membrane is particularly effective in reducing nitrates through water treatment, as its low membrane resistance offers high specific flux," Cappos said.