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CAPRiCollective Action and Property Rights
CAPRIConfidentiality and Privacy Group
CAPRICalifornia Association for Park and Recreation Insurance
CAPRICaptive Reset Igniter (NASA)
CAPRIComputer-Aided Passive Ranging Indicator
CAPRIComputerized Advanced Personnel Requirements Information
CAPRIComputerized Advanced Personnel Requirements Inventory
CAPRICritical Assessment of Prediction of Interaction (proteins)
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Just as he navigated Capri into the mortgage banking business at the right time for maximum gain, it appears Primo timed his exit from the business just right as well.
The basic coupe shape looked fantastic and the Capri Mk1 sold over a million in countries as diverse as Australia, the US (where it was badged the Mercury Capri) and Japan.
Capri offers a broad spectrum of equity and debt products to its customers through separate account and commingled fund vehicles.
The Professionals - A number of Ford Capris, silver, gold and white, were used throughout the crime-drama series with the cars becoming almost as synonymous as the characters.
Smoother design lines and simplified option packs ensured the Capri appealed to a wider market.
From 1978, the Mk III saw a tidyingup of the Capri body and special editions such as the Calypso and Laser.
As marketers, we're always looking for inventive ways to keep the brand cool and relevant with our audience," said Vinay Sharma, senior brand manager, Capri Sun.
Cox joins Capri Real Estate Securities after a very successful run as the portfolio manager with the University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO) since its formation in 1996, and with the University of Texas Investment Office since 1979.
Primo III has been appointed Chairman and Tom Dreyer is President and CEO of Capri Real Estate Securities, LLC.
President and CEO of CAPRI stated, "Palm Beach Capital shared our vision of service-led growth.
The complaint alleges that The Fort Myers Building Department did not demonstrate support for and coordination with the Private Provider program that is available to any fee owner of a building that wants to elect to use this alternative, thereby obstructing the filing of the application and interfering with the progress of a proposed development as well as the relationship between a fee owner and the intended Private Provider, CAPRI Engineering.
UWN owns a 43% interest in The Isle of Capri-Black Hawk LLC, which owns Isle of Capri Casino, a 237-room hotel/casino and Colorado Central Station Casino (both located in Black Hawk, Colorado, about 35 miles west of Denver) and Colorado Grande Casino, located in Cripple Creek, Colorado.