CAPSICanadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns
CAPSICaltech Precollege Science Initiative
CAPSICentral Association of Private Security Industry (est. 2005; New Delhi, India)
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CAPSI Revolution takes issue with the lure of the West.
Although CAPSI has been widely tested for teaching psychology courses, its effectiveness as a Web-based teaching tool for training individuals working in applied settings is an issue that has been addressed only recently.
These data suggest that CAPSI combined with both the ABLA manual and the tutorial videos was effective in teaching university students not only ABLA concepts but also the implementation of the ABLA levels.
Although CAPSI can be used as a stand-alone method, it is also compatible with a blended approach.
Although CAPSI only allows instructors to use short-answer questions, many other programs allow for instructors to set up mastery-based multiple-choice tests.
With its basis in Keller's (1968) personalized system of instruction (PSI), CAPSI incorporates many of the features of the original system (Grant & Spencer, 2003), including: (a) the written word as the main means of learning the material; (b) mastery criteria for passing unit tests prior to continuing on in the testing; (c) self-paced method for students to progress at their own speed; (d) use of proctors, tutors, or peer reviewers to provide feedback and help administer the program; (e) lectures as motivational aids, rather than as the main means of transmitting information.
We believe that CAPSI, along with more precise operational definitions of the categories in the taxonomy, may provide a practical way to apply Bloom's taxonomy, and the taxonomy may in turn provide an effective means for determining the kinds of questions we should ask students to answer in our CAPSI-taught courses.
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WHERE: PESC08 is being held at the Capsis Hotel and Convention Center, Rhodes, Greece, June 15-19, 2008.
The Intel Solutions Summit, now in its eighth year in EMEA, takes place April 5-7 at the Sofitel Capsis Hotel and Convention Center, and is a high-level face-to-face gathering of Intel's top channel members Intel executives and other industry leaders.
He stunned camp Aussie singer Paul Capsis by joining him in a quick duet.