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CAPTCHACompletely Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart
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These sellers use increasingly sophisticated CAPTCHAs designed to distinguish flesh-and-blood fans from bots.
CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test that ensures that a response during a user logon is not computer-generated but instead is truly entered by a human hand, by requiring a user to manually enter a small amount of text displayed in an image to help prevent automated registration and fraud.
Generate CAPTCHA 1: Upon receiving the signal the CAPTCHA agent generate the first test and convey it to the Web server.
To log in to Gogo via Boingo, accept the flight segment charge and enter a CAPTCHA validation phrase.
35) CAPTCHA stands for Computer Assisted Program to Tell Computers and Humans Apart.
com)-- The IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), the leading non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of global communications, will demonstrate new CAPTCHA techniques for securely downloading keys in RFID devices as well as the latest access control systems for enhancing character recognizability in tablet devices at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show to be held January 10 - 13 in Las Vegas.
New capabilities include graphical dashboards, a new mechanism for temporary assignment of membership in privileged security groups, integrated privileged access policy assignment for both fixed assets such as servers and mobile assets such as laptops, integration with social platforms such as Facebook or Google and CAPTCHA support in the login process.
Supported authentication methods include two-factor authentication, CAPTCHA, stepped authentication, one-time passwords, USB keys, smartcards and mutual authentication.
Financial institutions are also able to enhance security and comply with the FFIEC's Multifactor Authentication requirements through the use of customized login options such as the use of login tokens, security keys, and CAPTCHA.
Using a CAPTCHA challenge-response, users are required to enter a unique id before sending each text message.
Replaces the hated twisty-letter CAPTCHA with a fun, fast mini-game that matches a site's visual theme
A CAPTCHA scheme is considered broken if an algorithm is able to reach a precision of at least 1%.