CAPTFCombined Air Power Transition Force
CAPTFChild Abuse Prevention Task Force (Florida)
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Second, I wish to outline the activities with which the CAPTF assists the ANAAC throughout Afghanistan.
In building up capability to employ these airframes, the CAPTF and the ANAAC are pursuing ends that will prove sustainable after outside advisors depart.
This is the most difficult and rewarding effort in which the CAPTF engages, and it will have the most enduring impact.
The largest group lives and works in Kabul, but the CAPTF oversees a group at Kandahar Air Field and detachments in all regions of Afghanistan.
By training, assisting, and mentoring the ANAAC, the CAPTF seeks to create sustainable capacity in four areas, but our goals transcend these easily quantified lines of operation.
To continue building on the success enabled by airpower, we must recognize the importance of one particular event occurring right now in the CAPTF and the ANAAC with respect to the aircraft build--the delivery of refurbished C-27 aircraft (fig.
Finally, it is evident in the CAPTF that airpower "provides the flexibility and initiative" that insurgents normally enjoy in the COIN battle.
The CAPTF is consolidating its headquarters at the Kabul Afghanistan International Airport, improving synergy with the ANAAC and the newly established International Security Assistance Force Joint Command, also at the airport.
Because flight operations have never stopped in Afghanistan, the expression "building the airplane while flying it" is an apt description of the CAPTF and the ANAAC's team effort.
By increasing the numbers of aircraft available, increasing the pool of available pilots, and establishing training centers in Afghanistan, the CAPTF is helping the ANAAC build a culture of training that prioritizes regular proficiency requirements as an integral part of safe and effective military flight operations.
The next section provides a glimpse of plans for the CAPTF and
28) Involvement of the CAPTF in building airpower for Afghanistan by mentoring Afghan airmen is a textbook effort in building capacity for a partner nation.