CAPUCapilano University (Canada)
CAPUCoalition for the Advancement of Prosthetic Urology (Washington, DC)
CAPUChild and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit
CAPUCentral Administration Planning Unit (University of Glasgow; UK)
CAPUCost Acquisition Per User
CAPUCommunity Acquired Pressure Ulcer (nonhospital acquired bedsore)
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Part of this venerable building dates back to the time of the first crusade, when Hugo de Capus built a fortalice in the centre of the estate, which had been granted to him by the Red King.
7) For published CAPUs in particular, there is only one case affecting a patient with tuberous sclerosis, to the best of our knowledge.
CAPU is installed at user premise as a terminating module for the links from the ACS and connected to the ONU on the other end.
However, the production was managed to 42 per cent of CAPU in
Cea-Capus and Capus also have to pay P140,000 each, while Resontoc has to pay P40,000 for his provisional liberty.
Corresponding author: Oscar Goncalves University of Minho Escola de Psicologia Universidade do Minho Capus de Gualtar 4710-0 Braga (Portugal)
Scores of people were in a triage area at the station, many with bloodied shirts and clothing, Capus reports.
The deli is in the Chris Capus flowershop building, next door to Anand George's popular Indian takeaway Pickled Pepper also offers a variety of antipasti options.
Capus said it was important for the debate to go on because the world looks to the American president for leadership during international crises.
Capus follows these characters as their paths differ from their dreams and they find themselves in the midst of the drama of World War II.