CAPWAPControl and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (LETF)
CAPWAPConfiguration and Provisioning for Wireless Access Points (telecommunications)
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Aricent's CAPWAP software reinforces this commitment by providing consistent behavior across different devices.
The software comprises two components - a CAPWAP client for WLAN access points and a CAPWAP controller for WLAN control switches or servers.
For additional features and benefits of Aricent's CAPWAP software, visit: http://www.
This is done by supporting CAPWAP tunneling in silicon for access point and mobility domain connectivity.
0 Enables Seamless Layer 3 Roaming for VoFi (Voice over WiFi) Calls With Virtually Zero Latency When Mobile; Infrastructure Takes Customers Far Beyond Basic Wireless Access; Enabled by CTP - CAPWAP Tunneling Protocol
The new Secure Light Access Point Protocol (SLAPP), submitted to the CAPWAP working group, is a simple discovery and authentication mechanism that operates independently of the underlying access technology.
The Internet Draft of the SLAPP protocol is currently under review for comment within the IETF's CAPWAP working group.
In addition, AirFlow announced support for the emerging CAPWAP standard as the method to link the Wi-SoC with CAPWAP-enabled APs.
CAPWAP standard for communication between Wi-SoC-enabled WLAN
Chantry's and Propagate's CAPWAP Tunneling Protocol Guarantees Out-of-the-Box Interoperability Between Wireless Access Points and Wireless Controllers and Switches; Protects Investment in Existing Solutions and Facilitates Migration to Any WLAN Deployments
11 access and clients, announced today a new protocol, CAPWAP Tunneling Protocol (CTP), for interoperability between wireless access points.