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CAQCertificat d'Acceptation du Quebec
CAQCenter for Audit Quality (New York, New York)
CAQCertificate of Added Qualification (medical education)
CAQCertificate of Added Qualification
CAQComputer-Aided Quality Assurance
CAQComputer-Aided Quality Control
CAQCorporation des Approvisionneurs du Québec (French: Corporate Purchasing Management Association of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
CAQCuivre Alcalin Quaternaire (French: Alkaline Copper Quaternary; wood preservative)
CAQCondition Adverse to Quality
CAQConseil des Artistes Québécois (French: Artists Council of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
CAQConseil des Aéroports du Québec (French: Airports Council of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
CAQCapoeira Angola Quintal (Portuguese; New York martial arts academy)
CAQCalifornia Q-Sort (personality assessment)
CAQClub Accord Québec (automobile club; Quebec, Canada)
CAQCertificate of Adequate Qualifications
CAQCornish Association of Queensland (Australia)
CAQClub Athlétique de Québec (French: Quebec Athletic Club; Quebec, Canada)
CAQChimie, Analyse et Qualité (French: Chemistry, Analysis and Quality)
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Auditors play an indispensable role in our capital markets system," said CAQ Executive Director Cindy Fornelli.
The CAQ, which is affiliated with the AICPA, issued an audit risk alert for the 2014 audit cycle that included these and other areas that can be challenging for auditors.
Various polls in the days ahead of the vote showed the Liberals in third place behind the Parti Quebecois and the CAQ.
Bien que la fusion de l'ADQ avec un nouveau parti politique (la<< Coalition pour l'Avenir du Quebec >>, ou CAQ) n'ait pas encore donne lieu a une nouvelle annonce de politique familiale, il est possible (sinon probable) que la CAQ propose elle aussi une telle allocation familiale.
Like the ADQ, the CAQ does not position itself clearly on this issue.
I've mentioned this before--I examine for the ABR, boards, and CAQ exams--a test of your knowledge and visual skills.
Paul Aubin et Michel Simard, Les manuels scolaires dans la correspondance du Departement de l'instruction publique, 1900-1920, Sherbrooke, Chaire de recherche du Canada en histoire du livre et de l'edition, notice 1068, BAnQ, CAQ, Correspondance du DIP, Dossier 4003/1908.
The economic crisis worsened since the CAQ last surveyed investors, yet investor confidence has stabilised.
The CAQ developed the guide in recognition of the timeline in the SEC's proposed IFRS roadmap and the critical decisions that must be made regarding the use of global accounting standards in the United States.
of Pennsylvania) presents these cases in the same format as the CAQ exam by providing introductory questions, commentary, diagnosis and "Opening Round," "Fair Game" and "Challenge" sections that address different levels of radiology experience.
La CAQ s'est d'ailleurs dotee d'un Code de deontologie et d'une procedure disciplinaire a cet effet (137).
Most other analyses utilized Pearson correlation coefficients to look at relationships with bonding on the R-MAI, parenting stress on the PSI-SF, and time on the CAQ.