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CAR1cAMP Receptor Subtype 1
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Number of GenBank individuals accession Species Geographic origin examined Genotype numbers Crassostrea Fuqing city, Fujian 4 CAN1 (1) KP067886 angulata province, China CAN2 (1) KP067887 CAN3 (1) KP067888 CAN4 (1) KP067889 Crassostrea Mangdeok-ri, Jinwol- 5 CAR1 (4) KP067890 ariakensis myeon, Crassostrea Jeollanam-do CAR2 (1) KP067891 gigas Jawol-myeon, Ongjin- 1 CGI1 (1) KP067892 gun, Incheon Baega-ri, Deokjeok- 1 CGI1 (1) myeon, Ongjin-gun.
Quadro 3: Modelo inicial da AFC V14 v31 v13 v30 v24 v32 v19 = CAR1 V17 v10 v1 v23 v20 = ATT2 V28 v26 v29 v2 v15 = EEN3 V16 v12 v8 v7 = GQP4 V25 v6 v27 v18 v5 v4 v9 = CCRP5 V22 v11 v21 v3 = AF6 Fonte: elaborado pelo autor.
93 with the wholesaler * Characteristic-based Trust CAR1 The wholesaler is concerned 3.