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CARAChicago Area Runners Association
CARACGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridization) Array Reference-Free Algorithm
CARACenter for Applied Research in the Apostolate (Washington, DC)
CARACouncil for Assisting Refugee Academics (London, England, UK)
CARACenter for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica
CARACalifornia Alliance for Retired Americans
CARAClassification and Rating Administration (movie ratings)
CARAConstant Absolute Risk Aversion
CARACalifornia Rivers Assessment
CARACalifornia Association for Research in Astronomy
CARACommunity Accommodation and Respite Agency (Australia)
CARAComputer Aided Room Acoustics
CARAColumbia Amateur Radio Association
CARACommunities Against Rape & Abuse (Washington state)
CARACalgary Amateur Radio Association (Canada)
CARAComputer Aided Resonance Assignment
CARACandlewood Amateur Radio Association (Connecticut)
CARACombined Altitude Radar Altimeter
CARACanadian Amateur Racing Association
CARACoast Amateur Rowing Association (United Kingdom)
CARAChinook Applied Research Association (Canada)
CARACambodian American Resource Agency
CARACentral Arkansas Referees Association
CARAComputer-Assisted Resuscitation Algorithm
CARAClinton Animal Rescue & Adoption (Missouri)
CARAConservation and Reinvestment Act of 2001
CARACenter for Applied Research in Anthropology (Georgia)
CARACommunauté d'Agglomération de la Région Annemassienne (French: Agglomeration Community of the Annemasse Region; Annemasse, France)
CARAChoose a Random Adventure (gaming)
CARACriticality and Risk Assessment
CARACentral Africa Rights & AIDS Society (independent international charity; UK)
CARACargo And Rescue Aircraft
CARACoordination of Animal Rescue Agencies (UK)
CARAComputer-Aided Requirements Analysis
CARACode Auditing Reporting Application
CARAClean Air Regulatory Agenda (Canada)
CARACoalition Against Relationship Abuse (Brown University; Providence, RI)
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The Venetian glasses, cara mia, and fill them to the brim.
CARA Delevingne's much-hyped prospective singing career was going so well until people actually heard her sing.
And in another sign that shows their friendship is for keeps, Cara has introduced Michelle to her parents - property developer Charles, 64, and personal shopper Pandora, 54.
Cara left the band before they released their Blanco y Negro debut and it was then she began working with Sam, another previous band member.
But, they have lost their appeal to a Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal which says it agrees with Sunderland LEA, which wants to send Cara to the city's Sunningdale School.
CARA delivers quality engagements that directly contribute to client and consultant productivity and growth.
Cara roared up on a motorbike and then gave star of the show, Peter Pan actor Levi Miller, 11, a cheeky kiss as Suki Waterhouse, 23, looked on.
CARA LONGMUIR and Joseph Lenzi enjoyed their wedding so much they would love to do it every weekend.
Toronto-based Cara, already the single biggest shareholder with 43%, will end up paying $42.
That's when Mama had asked Cara to look after Nikki.
Cara was excited about her new school, new friends and new uniform.
CARA then created its Safety Project to develop community-based accountability strategies.