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CARACOLCadena Radial Colombiana (Spanish, Colombia)
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The main anchorman of Caracol, one of the country's major radio stations, has received threats from armed groups before and has in the past left Colombia for his safety.
Carlos Sacalxot, president of the Asociacion de Aduanas de Guatemala (AAG), explains that export processing zones or zonas francas were created to attract foreign investment, decentralize industrial activity, generate employment, and fight poverty, goals similar to those set by the business leaders who promote the Caracol Industrial Park in Haiti.
In addition, subscribers also have access to content from networks and studios such Caracol, Cine Sony Television, HOLA
There is need for more studios because Miami is becoming a strong player in TV production," stated Caracol America Productions' Mauricio Cruz.
On January 2, the ship was safe and sound on today's Caracol Beach.
The sludge from Chilean snails is the key ingredient in a new face cream called Elicina, Crema de Caracol.
The caracol replaced community centers, each previously known as an "Aguascalientes.
The contract also covers two new compression stations erected at Los Indios and El Caracol for the project.
The collection, which will be available at the company's store here, consists of two contemporary styles, Caracol and Tempest, that are hand-knotted in wool and silk in Nepal.
He says several properties will specifically benefit from the program, including the Hotel Caracol at Playa Santa Lucia and Farrallon del Caribe in the province of Granma.
The specialty of the house here, sopa de caracol ($8.
Prizes include a 17,000 [pounds sterling] VW Golf Cabriolet, a two-week all-inclusive holiday in Mexico at Splash Resort Caracol, and a 20,000 [pounds sterling] deposit on a new flat.