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CARALCanadian Abortion Rights Action League (Canada)
CARALCalifornia Abortion Rights Action League (US)
CARALCalifornia Reproductive Rights Action League
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Added to this, the Sierra Caral forest contains the Bobos, Las Animas, Negro, Chiquito, Frio, Platanos, and Nuevo Cacao river basins, feeder rivers that converge in the Rio Motagua basin and which constitute a crucial water supply for local communities.
This book, like Caral too, is entirely devoid of people; Stafford-Deitsch (p.
A quipu (the knot system used in Andean civilizations to record information) found on the site testifies to the development and complexity of Caral society.
34) Mullens, supra note 17 at 530; see also CARAL, supra note 4.
This city, called Caral, is from the very first stage of humankind's civilisation.
Archaeologists have been searching for the mother city for more than a century, exploring Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and Asia before finding Caral in a pristine state.
Horizon: The Lost Pyramids of Caral (BBC2, 9pm) investigates the ancient city of pyramids in Peru which hit the headlines last year.
RESEARCHERS NOW believe the oldest city in the Americas--among the oldest in the world--is Caral, in the Supe Valley in central Peru, a developed town with irrigation and ceremonial mounds that flourished 4,600 years ago, before Egypt's Old Kingdom and the first pyramids there.
Now, make way for Caral, an ancient Peruvian city that qualifies as the Big Mound.
As president of Caral Manufacturing, he refocused the sales of the vacuum chamber manufacturer toward the medical equipment sector, resulting in significant sustainable profit growth and the sale of the firm to its biggest customer.
Sports Minister Caral Ni Chuilin summed it up when she said: "Winning the Race to Dubai title yet again further cements Rory's status as one of the greatest talents in golf and one of our finest ever sportsmen.
Culture Minister Caral NE[degrees] ChuilE[degrees]n has continued to fulfil her commitment to the wider North West by supporting a number of projects based in and around the Strabane and Castlederg area.