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CARAMCoordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility
CARAMCoordination of Action Research on AIDS and Migration (est. 1997; various locations)
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CARAM Asia, relying on the results of its PARs and, when possible, migrant spokespersons, has also represented migrants' issues at the international level: in AIDS conferences, as a member of the UNAIDS Task Team on HIV-Related Travel Restrictions, and in the High Level UN Meetings on the Political Declaration on AIDS.
Nevertheless, CARAM Asia will continue to advocate for Asian women migrants' health rights by using participatory action research to transmit migrants' voices, build the evidence base, and advocate with stakeholders at various levels of influence.
By Brahm Press, Programme Officer, Migrants' Health and Rights, Raks Thai Foundation, and Convener, Migration, Health and HIV Task Force, CARAM Asia.