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CARBOYCary-Apex-Raleigh Brewers of Yore
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The snails were transferred to the laboratory (CICIMAR, La Paz) and kept in inverted glass carboys with cut-off bottoms, each filled with 10 L of seawater (salinity: 30 [per thousand] to 34 [per thousand] daily water exchange; temperature range: 21[degrees]C to 23[degrees]C; 12 h light/dark).
Top your carboy with an air lock - a cheap, water-filled device that blocks air from entering the bottle, but allows bubbles, the carbon dioxide - to escape.
A few weeks after the wine quiets, rack it (siphoning off the cleared wine, leaving the lees or sediment that have settled in the bottom behind) into clean jugs or carboys.
2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The EZgrip (TM) Carboy is a pioneering fluid storage and transfer system now offered by Sterlitech Corporation.
The 13L rectangular carboy is molded from strong, durable HDPE and is offered in both single-port and two-port configurations.
Design team: Mei Wong, Carboy Zhang Li Bo, Mark Darby, Aydin Cokoyoglu
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carboy (bottled water, glass or plastic container), or a 5 gal.
After the yeast has done its job (three to five days) siphon the brew into the five-gallon carboy and reattach an air lock.
China Water and Drinks offers bottled water manufacturing and distribution, branding, OEM/private label and marketing services for half liter and carboy size bottles.
The company plans to add a new carboy bottled water production line with an annual capacity of 8.