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CARDOCentre for Architectural Research and Development Overseas (University of Newcastle upon Tyne; UK)
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Executives of both companies characterized the Cardo SHO-1 not only technologically as "cutting edge", but also as a remarkably unobtrusive and streamlined product.
8) According to present-day knowledge on this theme, it can be stated that east of the cardo the majority of streets have deep ruts; west of the cardo the street ruts have varying depths and sometimes no ruts at all.
Cabe mencionar que Cardo, Servera y Llobera (2007), manejando criterios diferenciados segun el sexo, obtuvieron porcentajes de prevalencia correspondientes al 5,81% y 3,49% para ninas y ninos, respectivamente.
People here have lots of money and they don't think like you or I do," said Cardo.
Cardo, who was arrested on April 10 and charged with a felony, entered a no-contest plea to the second-degree felony more than a year after the Florida Department of Law began investigating LifeQuest, the Shands Healthcare-based organ procurement organization, for organ distribution irregularities.
The new scala rider G4 PowerSet is now available through select distributors, retail outlets, specialty motorcycle shops, and directly from the Cardo Systems web site at www.
Swedish industrial doors and logistics systems company Cardo AB (Stockholm:CARD) declared on Wednesday that it has been awarded a contract valued at SEK38m to supply hangar doors for maintenance hangars in Abu Dhabi.
An email by leading anti-Asian activist Cardo Stanzo has been circulated widely across the country.
In 2000 it was taken over by Swedish firm Cardo and it now has new owners.
Henderson's parent company Cardo, based in Sweden, is considering closing the arm of the business that manufactures garage doors.
came with 11 minutes left when Ri cardo Carvalho fouled Dimitar B erb atov and Robbie Keane scored from the penalty spot.
Cardo Systems says that it has a solution to a problem that has cell phone users all tied up: their cords.