CARECCaribbean Epidemiology Centre
CARECCentral Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (Asian Development Bank)
CARECCentre Académique de Ressources pour l'Égalité des Chances (French: Equal Opportunity Academic Resource Center; Academy of Bordeaux; Bordeaux, France)
CARECCentral American Renewable Energy and Cleaner Production Facility
CARECCentral Asia Regional Environmental Center (Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan)
CARECCalifornia Alpine Resort Environmental Cooperative (erosion control practices)
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Concluding the panel presentation, Minister of Transport and Communications Zhenis Kassymbek said infrastructure investment in road, rail, air and sea port facilities, the acquisition of new ships and passenger aircraft and the agreements with SWISS Port to develop Astana airport and with Singapore's Changi Airport to develop the Almaty Aviation Hub were highlights of the investment programme, which would benefit not only Kazakhstan but the entire CAREC region.
CAREC meets annually for a joint meeting of laboratorians and epidemiologists from each member country to define surveillance directions, set policy, and develop consensus plans.
In 1996, CAREC established the Caribbean AIDS Telecommunications and Information Network with resources from CDC.
The ADB mission comprising Adrian Sammons and Aamer Ali had over an hour meeting with Engineer Sohail Lashari to identify impediments to trade flows between Pakistan and other CAREC countries.
These letters combined with the test results achieved in the Caribbean and the United States, plus the approvals that have been received worldwide will be used in our submission for overall approval of the kits for the entire Caribbean through the regulatory body CAREC.
have received approval from the Caribbean Epidemiology Center ("CAREC") and the Government of Anguilla to conduct these tests and treatments The testing will be overseen by an Oversight Committee composed of representatives of each of CAREC, the Government of Anguilla, IBC(Anguilla) and Hotel de Health (Caribbean) Inc.
The ADB-Tajikistan partnership has promoted social development, upgraded and built new infrastructure, expanded agricultural production, developed the microfinance market, and encouraged regional cooperation and trade under the CAREC Program.
The project contributes to the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation or CAREC Program that is implementing a Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy focused on 6 transport corridors.
Mr Warner said that as per our commitment for facilitating infrastructure development and energy related projects, the bank will be supporting projects like M4, E35 and regional development projects like CAREC and TAPI.
The minister expressed these views during Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Senior Officials' Meeting and 12th Ministerial Conference on Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation, 23-24 October, 2013, along with senior government officials of the 10 CAREC member countries and representatives of six multilateral development partners.
We are pleased to be able to broaden our relationship with CAREC through a second project and look forward to continuing joint development with them.
At the Ministerial Conference, CAREC Ministers exchanged views on the developments affecting the economic performance of the group s 10 member states: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, the People s Republic of China (PRC), Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.