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CARELCentre Audiovisuel de Royan pour l'Etude des Langues (French: Royan Audiovisual Center for the Study of Languages; Royan, France)
CARELCaisse de Retraite des Élus Locaux (French: Pension Fund of Local Officials)
CARELComputer-Aided Reliability Evaluator
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It's a testament to the power of our unique approach and the appeal of our brand's heritage," said Carel Nolet, Sr.
Carel, "While knowledge management in pharmaceutical R&D does not necessarily require the application of information technologies, in most practical situations, technology will play an important role.
CAREL stand number at the Energy Solutions H41, Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8UX.
Yet Carel, a pleasant, unremarkable six-footer with a superb line in utterly mundane answers to tough questions, insists he can cope.
The once-raced gelding touched off 16-1 chance Carel by a length on his first start for Hetherton after a distant 15th of 18 for David Elsworth in a Newbury juvenile maiden in October.
The following players have been suspended for two games: Ben Kelly (HFF), Eddie Heavy (St Francis), Stephen McGuinness (St Pat's), Kevin Hunt (Bohs), Carel Van Der Velden (Shels).
Dundalk's 5-2 defeat to Sligo Rovers on Saturday at United, with John Jordan and Carel Van Der Velden scoring a brace apiece for Sligo, leaves the Lilywhites struggling to regain their foothold in the top two.
Menaggio and Brett Doyle edge out Burning Impulse (second right) and Carel (left) to win the opening mile maiden at Newmarket yesterday
Springbok coach Carel du Plessis admitted: "It was a painful experience to lose the series.
Data from six other forests also indicate that most trees have evolved to leaf out and flower when the sun is strongest, Wright and Carel P.
Measuring corruption: exploring the iceberg, Leo Huberts, Karin Lasthuizen and Carel Peeters
com)-- The innovative components CAREL has introduced for HVAC/R applications include a vast range of graphic colour user interfaces featuring TOUCH TFT technology and LED backlighting: pGD Touch.