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CARESChild Aviation Restraint System (aircraft child harness)
CARESCapital Asset Realignment for Enhanced Services (US Veteran Affairs)
CAREsCommunities Against a Radioactive Environment (Livermore, CA)
CARESCenter for Agricultural, Resource, and Environmental Systems
CARESCenter for Administering Rehabilitation and Employment Services
CARESCoordinated Access to the Research and Extension System
CARESCancer Rehabilitation Evaluation System
CARESCommittee for AIDS Resources, Education and Services
CARESCounty Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship
CARESCeramic Analysis and Reliability Evaluation of Structures
CARESCupertino Amateur Radio Emergency Service
CARESCenter for Adolescent Research, Education and Sexuality (Africa)
CARESCaregiving, Assistance, Respite, Education and Service (AARP, California)
CARESCratering and Related Effects Simulation
CARESConservation Applicant Referral Evaluation System
CARESCenter for Applied Research in Engineering and Science (Pittsburgh, PA)
CARESCarolina AIDS Resource and Education Service
CARESComprehensive Assistance and Re-Employment Services (Ocala, FL)
CARESComputation & Research Evaluation System
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VHA's success shows that Americans clearly could have higher-quality health care at lower cost.
Wollstein, a right-wing activist/author, railing against the Clinton health-care plan in 1994: "To see the future of health care in America for you and your children under Clinton's plan," Wollstein warned, "just visit any Veterans Administration hospital.
Berwick, president of the Institute for Health Care Improvement and one of the nation's top health-care quality experts, praises the VHA's information technology as "spectacular".
Georgia: Hutcheson Medical Center Subacute Care Unit (Fort Oglethorpe)
Iowa: Belmond Health Care Center (Belmond); Kingsley Nursing and Rehab Center (Kingsley); Emmetsburg Care Center (Emmetsburg); Ruthven Community Care Center (Ruthven)
Indiana: Union Hospital Transitional Care Unit (Terre Haute); George Davis Manor (W.
Child and dependent care problems are already having a serious impact on worker absenteeism, recruitment and retention--and affecting America's bottom line.
Senior executives and human resource managers tackle the question of whether business can and should get involved in the child care issue.
Companies lose good people when they can't come to work because of poor child care arrangements," argues NBCDI's Moore.
Keith Weikel, MD, Executive Vice-president, Health Care and Retirement Corporation: "Clearly a lot of people today are being impoverished by long-term care costs, and we need to address this as a society and as an industry.
What should happen would include increased incentives for people to purchase longterm care insurance; a better way for upper income people to protect their assets, along with acceptance of some private responsibility to pay for one's own care if one can afford to; and a public program for those truly in need, addressing both adequate coverage and adequate reimbursement.
As for what will happen, I don't believe that there are the public dollars available to provide comprehensive long-term care for the entire population; that could run as high as $60 or 70 billion.