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CARESSCreating Aesthetically Resonant Environments in Sound (European Community)
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And Jerry wriggled in ecstasy under the god's caress, kissing the hand with a red flicker of tongue.
It may be that Kit has caressed the pony enough; it may be that there are even better things to caress than ponies.
His voice rang out sharply, and at the sound the dog's ears flattened down as to a caress.
Caress, Salud and Alex's only girl, also wore a Pitoy Moreno gown to go with the veil in 1981, while Caress' daughter Carla paired her Amir Sali gown with her grandmother's heirloom piece during her 2017 wedding.
Bloomsbury reportedly acquired world English rights (excluding Canada) to Sweet Caress and will be releasing the title simultaneously in the US and the UK.
The new Flawless Brush Set from Delicate Caress Cosmetics is a large collection of natural fiber and synthetic fiber makeup brushes, designed to make makeup application easy.
In paradise, our Prophet will caress that hair, those innocent heads.
Words such as caress are used because many of us remember our 4th-grade teacher telling us not to use the same word over and over again.
To publicize the new body washes, Caress is debuting two original Webisodes.
The Light Caress is the latest member of the company's Caress line.
Night's dark grip changed into the awakening caress of light in Afternoon of a Faun, MCB's first foray into Jerome Robbins repertoire.