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CARETBeta Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial
CARETCentre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies (Cambridge University, UK)
CARETCouncil for Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching (national grassroots organization)
CARETCommercial Applications Research for Extra-Terrestrial Technology (fictitious unidentified flying object research group)
CARETCenter for Advanced Research of Energy Technology (est. 1994; Japan)
CARETCenter for Agrarian Reform, Empowerment and Transformation (Philippines)
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Initially, those receiving SCP or Caret Pension would stop qualifying for the payment if they 'temporarily ceased' caring for more than four weeks (or 28 days) each year (FACSIA 2006a: 5, 38, 48).
Moreover, in all seven places where a page in the inner forme was able to end with a "free" page break marked with a seeming caret, that seeming caret shifts the page end to the end of a word, rather than splitting it over the page break, or to the end of a sentence, paragraph, or chapter, rather than interrupting sense or creating "widows.
At this time, he is creating various bomba and plena numbers for "PlenaBom," a group led by painter Norma Salazar, a very sentimental companion of Caret.
Otherwise, we had no way to know whether it was the beta-carotene or something else in the diet," said Gilbert Omenn, lead investigator of the CARET trial at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle.
These vitamins were providing no benefits," explains CARET director Gilbert Ommen, who nevertheless admits that the results aren't definitive proof that beta carotene is harmful.
012) and among those who reported relatively great difficulty in taking the caret test (p = .
p infinity the integration of caret L k'(U(B))U'(B)(Lh'(x*) - C'(x*))f(L)dL (5) where caret L is defined by caret Lh'(x*) - C'(x*) = 0, x* is the optimal level of loss reduction for U, and f is the density function of L.
Fiber Choice will be marketed by IM HealthScience LLC, a subsidiary of Caret Group.
In conjunction with the agreement, Fiber Choice will be marketed by Caret Group's subsidiary IM HealthScience LLC, which is engaged in the research, development and marketing of nonprescription products for the dietary management of digestive disorders.
Caret, 67, was named president of UMass in January 2011 after previously serving as president of Towson University -- part of Maryland's network -- from 2003 to 2011.
This skewed gender ratio in the caret population means that women are disproportionately taking up the burden of performing a carer role (Jenson & Jacobzone 2002).