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CARETBeta Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial
CARETCentre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies (Cambridge University, UK)
CARETCouncil for Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching (national grassroots organization)
CARETCommercial Applications Research for Extra-Terrestrial Technology (fictitious unidentified flying object research group)
CARETCenter for Advanced Research of Energy Technology (est. 1994; Japan)
CARETCenter for Agrarian Reform, Empowerment and Transformation (Philippines)
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They both join Caret as Managers of the Clinical Initiatives.
FAHCSIA (Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs) (2008a) Caret Payment (child): A New Approach--Report of the Caret Payment (child) Review Taskforce, Executive summary, Canberra, FAHCSIA http://www.
By simply scanning a patient wristband, caregivers are prompted by the CAREt handheld tool through all required specimen collection and medication administration and documentation tasks that have accumulated for a patient.
Colleges and universities can help with the outreach to high schools, particularly in the areas with the highest socioeconomic challenges that need the grants the most," says Caret.
The CAREt System handheld will combine barcoding, RFID, 802.
Caret has been campaigning for a year: splitting educational costs at institutions of higher education 50-50 between the state and families.
IntelliDOT's CAREt System is leading the way in effective Auto ID point of care technology," said Rick Ellis, vice president of business development of Precision Dynamics Corporation.
Human resource professionals from Birmingham CIPD gathered for their monthly meeting at the Midlands Arts Centre to hear Jill Garrett, director of Leadership Development at Caret, give a talk on how to retain talented employees - and the cost of losing them
Caret told business leaders yesterday that the state university system, for all its strengths, has a fundamental problem: it is leaving students saddled with debt.
IntelliDOT is excited to see KLAS rate the IntelliDOT CAREt System," said Dave Swenson, COO for IntelliDOT.
Caret is in line for a compensation package that can fairly be described as overly generous.
Miriam who put her job in hotel management on hold to take part in the show, was guest of honour at a leadership forum event organised by Caret and held at the Orange Studio.