CARGCloud and Aerosol Research Group
CARGCompounded Annual Rate of Growth (finance)
CARGCommander, Amphibious Ready Group
CARGCaribbean Ready Group
CARGCentral Analyst Review Group
CARGCentralized Assessor Review Group
CARGComputer Architecture Research Group (University of Ottawa; Ottawa, Ontario Canada)
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4% CARG in 2008-2012 and was equal to approximately 14.
Charney: These two particular acronyms that I've applied - CARG, which is Consolidated Asset Recovery Group; and Recall, which is an actual name - are like the highbred of the RTC.
Visiongain believes that mobile cloud service revenues will reach $45 billion in 2016 at a CARG of 55.
2% CARG for the period 2010-2015, to reach a value of almost $3 billion.
The global market for rest system is expected to grow at a CARG of 9.
Conservative estimates of the worldwide market show the total Compound Annual Growth (CARG) rate for PDPs used in such applications to be as much as 10% from 2004-2009 with LCDs forecast to have an even larger CARG of 82% from 2004 to 2009, resulting in an overall explosive 36% CARG for the flat panel public display market.
Strategy Analytics forecasts that the market for in-vehicle audio entertainment systems will grow by over 7 percent CARG, worth $44 Billion, in terms of OE and aftermarket systems sales, across North America, Europe and Japan, by the end of 2011, increasing from $27 Billion in 2004.
5 million dollar success fee earned from Laidlaw, which gives emphasis to the exceptionally high quality and value that our CARG team provides.
Demand is growing rapidly in Italy for DSL services with over 950,000 subscribers by the end of 2002 and CARG of 60 percent.
As the government has introduced a series of favorable policies that promote the reform of public hospitals, encourage and guide the inrush of social capital to enter hospital industry, numbers of non-public hospitals and profitable hospitals in China surged to 7,739 and 5,096 respectively in 2010, with CARGs of 14.