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CARICanadian Association of Recycling Industries
CARIConsejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales (French)
CARICentral Agricultural Research Institute (Sri Lanka)
CARIComputer and Automation Research Institute (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
CARIColorado Association of Robbery Investigators
CARICane River Creole National Historic Park (US National Park Service)
CARICorporate Academy Redesign Initiative
CARIComputer-Assisted Radar Identification
CARICenter for Applied and Rural Innovation
CARIChadron Atmospheric Research Institute
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PUC added that RHM would also organize campaigns for CARI across branding, creative design and media planning to boost the brand all over traditional and digital media platforms.
Jones says he wants extension workers and research technicians like CARI to use the media for disseminating information on new method and techniques, giving timely information about the control of crop pest and disease, weather, and market news if the agricultural system in the country must meet the standard as compared to other countries in the world.
Speaking at the event, CARI chief Mary Flaherty said more funding is needed to help support victims of child sex abuse.
All of the patients had completed the CARI in a National Institute on Drug Abuse-funded validation study.
The CARI report, which will be launched this morning by former health minister Dr James Reilly, also revealed many victims are being forced to wait up to a year for therapy due to funding cuts.
CARI is a voluntary organisation, founded in 1989 to provide therapy and counselling to children and teens affected by child sex abuse and offer support for the non-abusing members of their families.
He claims innocence on the numerous allegations looting government properties from CARI, saying he has contributed to improving the institution over the years.
THE John Aldridge Legends Match in aid of the CARI foundation will be held at Tolka Park (5pm) tomorrow.
The fundamental purpose and mission CARI is to promote the optimal net economic and social impact from commercial recycling activities.
CARI members are pleased with the direction outlined in the government's Canada Action Plan 2000 on Climate Change, which emphasizes enhanced recycling.
CARI HUGHES posted an impressive victory in Sunday's Cardiff Cross Challenge, while her brother Iolo claimed silver in his race.