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CARICOMCaribbean Community (and Common Market)
CARICOMComunidad y Mercado Común del Caribe (Spanish: Caribbean Community and Common Market)
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Dans le Consensus de Chaguaramas, les chefs de gouvernement de la CARICOM ont convenu que, dans le meme esprit qui a anime l'echange libre et varie d'idees qui ont motive la conference Forward Together, les partis d'opposition devaient etre des partenaires dans le cadre des consultations du processus d'integration regionale.
During the 10th Japan-CARICOM Consultation held in August in Georgetown, Guyana, CARICOM expressed its support for an expansion of the Security Council membership in both permanent and nonpermanent categories, including extending permanent membership to Brazil, Germany and Japan.
Caribbean Summit in 1997, on which Caricom had insisted, reflected the region's preference for dialogue.
Lynne Anne Williams, Executive Director, CARICOM IMPACS.
Called upon the CARICOM Heads of Government to proceed urgently with the recommendation that the slave-owning and slave-trading European nations be invited to attend an inter-governmental reparatory justice summit in 2015.
The three central concerns of youth inclusion--participation, empowerment, and mainstreaming--are treated as themes for a qualitative text analysis of official documentation of CARICOM (inspired by techniques in Kuckartz 2014).
So the research focus of the Centre is the rigorous study of colonial legacies and their possible solutions; to promote education at the UWI and across Caribbean school systems on the legacies of colonialism, enslavement and native genocide and the need for justice and repair, especially as the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination History syllabus now contains a theme on reparation; and to promote advocacy for reparatory justice by building a capacity for (a) consultancy to CARICOM, Caribbean states, the UN and other relevant institutions (b) public awareness raising, and (c) supporting activism for reparatory and de-colonial justice from grassroots to governments.
Policy-makers in CARICOM member states have taken a number of steps to reverse the current limitations in the regulatory environment.
El indice de ventaja comparativa revelada, indice de complementariedad comercial y matrices de probabilidades de transicion se utilizan para examinar la dinamica de la ventaja comparativa de las exportaciones de paises de CARICOM a Canada.
In the CARICOM region there are several, and at times overlapping, manifestations of armed violence, but the phenomenon is primarily manifested in the form of homicides and aggravated assaults.
Yet because the region is one in which Canada has significant interests--including major Canadian investments in the region --and where it can make a difference, Canada's approach to the current trade negotiations with CARICOM assumes a broader importance in its trade negotiating and international development strategies.
Basdeo stresses that CARICOM defied the United States by engaging Cuba for political and economic gains and moral reasons.