CARIDCentro di Ateneo per la Ricerca, l'Innovazione Didattica e l'istruzione a Distanza
CARIDCustomer Acceptance Review Item Disposition
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These three lines come together in CARID in the design of an e-learning platform that answers to the diffusion of a structured communication culture, in relation to the potentialities offered by the current technologies.
The evaluation system implemented in CARID provides constant information through an initial analysis of the characteristics of the students, a constant monitoring of the mandatory and spontaneous interactions in the forums, intermediate tests, and final verifications.
In order to fully understand the evaluation model used in CARID we have asked Poletti, who tells us:
CARID has progressively acquired and consolidated the necessary technological and methodological skills and tools for the management of e-learning courses for each of the phases described.
At the end of this analysis the question is how the students of CARID deal with online learning, on how they use the interactive tools made available by the structure and what kind of relationship they have with the other actors of the e-learning courses.
A fundamental part of the activities of CARID is research and educational innovation.
In order to comprehend how this application will be used within the teaching model of CARID, Professor Poletti tells us about how he is working to implement this tool within his courses and which are the main difficulties:
Thanks to the project CaridTV, CARID has recently won the prize Aldo Fabris with the following notation: "The project allowed CARID to develop a university web-tv 'Carid-tv' able to implement and deliver multimedia learning materials, enabling the audience to access a variety of personalized learning paths.
The origins of the success of CARID, says Frignani, are in "having believed in elearning" and in "having created a degree course which has a double objective, that of being innovative and it is still today the only one in the National area, and that of being completely delivered at a distance.